Made in orkney since 1946

Our Cheese





“At Orkney Cheese we have a team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled cheese makers.

They take pride in producing our award winning cheddar and show timeless skills in their craftsmanship.”

— John Bruce, headcheesemaker

Fresh & Local

The milk from our 14 local dairy farms is uplifted daily by our tanker.

Ode to tradition

Our cheddar is crafted using time honoured techniques and we believe in keeping it simple.


Our cheese makers use a traditional and rarely used method called the “dry stir technique”, which differentiates Orkney cheddar from other cheddars. The result is a firm, smooth and silky bodied cheddar.

This particularly rare method of production is part of our Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) accreditation and is one of the main elements in assuring our cheddar is distinctive and unique.

The production of our cheddar is a marrying of the craftsmanship of the cheese maker and the distinctive flavour of our Orkney Islands milk.

Our cheddar has won countless awards over the decades from many prestigious shows, including: