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Medium Coloured Orkney Cheddar

Our medium cheddar is beautifully buttery with a soft, sweet nuttiness and slightly acidic tang. The deep, rounded flavour is filled with character and a creaminess that lingers on the palate. 

It is aged for between 6 and 12 months. 

This cheddar is ideal for accompanying more robust flavours in your cooking as it is a cheese that brings its own flavour to the dish but does not dwarf the main attraction. It compliments perfectly when melted over the top of a juicy Orkney beef burger, or sprinkled liberally over a creamy fish pie. 

All our cheddars are suitable for vegetarians as we use a vegetable rennet to create our curds.

Orkney Cheddars
Orkney cheddar with apples and chutney

White & Coloured Mature Orkney Cheddar

Our mature cheddars are mellow and full flavoured in taste. Their rich, savoury depth is undercut with just the right amount of bite. There are subtle floral notes in these cheddars that are suggestive of Orkney’s rich and ancient pastures.  

Our mature cheddars are aged for between 12 and 15 months. 

These cheddars are sublime in a dish where you want the cheese to be the star of the show! The intense flavours will sing in an oozy welsh rarebit, a velvety mac ‘n cheese or a delicious cheese soup. 

Extra Mature Orkney Cheddar

Our extra mature cheddar is deep and rich on the palate with layers of flavour that develop in your mouth and leave a lingering, tannic tingle on your tongue. This cheese has a smooth and creamy texture with the thrill of an occasional crunchy crystal. It really is loaded with everything you would want from an extra mature cheddar. 

Our extra mature cheddar is aged for between 15 and 18 months.  

This cheese is as at home on the cheese board as it is in your cooking and will deliver a punch of sharp, salty flavour. 

Traditional Farmhouse Butter

Made in a traditional churn and lightly salted, our deliciously creamy and highly popular Orkney Butter has an indulgent taste and texture. The blocks are shaped using traditional butter pats and wrapped by hand in our creamery. 

John at Orkney Cheese Company

Time & Care

We take a traditional,handson approach to the production and selection of our cheddar. We believe in taking time, care and attention to ensure that each batch of our cheddar is of the highest quality.

Our master cheese graders will grade our cheese at around 3 months and individually select which cheddars willgo on to be matured for our medium, mature and extra matureranges. 

Distinctive Flavour

The fresh milk that is picked up daily from our farms is rich, creamy and full of the flavour of Orkney’s rich pastures and crisp, clean sea air. This gives our cheese a distinctive flavour that can only come from our unique islands. 

Orkney cheddar is exceptionally smooth and close textured with a rich, well rounded flavour. The flavour develops over time, becoming more intense and multi layered with acidic notes.